A clean environment

First of all you need a working installation of napari, you can refer to that webpage for more info https://napari.org/#installation .

It is strongly recommended to work with virtual environments (such as virtualenv or conda). You can create a new environment especially for your work with napari-deepfinder. This is really useful and advised, especially because napari-deepfinder will install a lot of dependencies (including deepfinder and it’s dependencies).

Installation of napari-deepfinder

The general purpose guide for installing napari plugins is available here.

Basically you need to start napari and go in the plugin menu. There you will find the Install/Uninstall Plugins entry, which once clicked opens a new dedicated window. There you can either:

Command line installation for more advanced users
You can also install the plugin through the command line in the virtual environment by using pip:

pip install napari-deepfinder

or (for the latest development version):

pip install git+https://github.com/deep-finder/napari-deepfinder.git